I am so pleased that you stopped by to check out who the person is behind the blog. Now, what to tell you? Fingers drumming on table. Firstly, I guess I knew that I wanted to use the name ‘Spectator’ but everyone seems to want to be one of those, so it took a lot of attempts to get the right name for my blog, and my ‘casual spectator’ vibe was fast moving towards ‘uptight spectator’ because .com’s are as scarce as hen’s teeth, or my personal favourite, hen’s lips. As for the word ‘Spectator’, it has always been associated with me. When I was a young lass my sister nicknamed me ‘Eck’, which then morphed into ‘Spec’ or ‘Spectate’ which was short for ‘Spectator’. The nickname was a natural fit because I do in fact love to observe people, and have always been one to mull over the what, why and how of people, or things. There is just so much human fodder out there. And humans do the strangest things at times. And my brain can only store so much angst, joy, anger, bemusement and bewilderment, before these observations and experiences need to escape the confines of my head and be sent out into the universe. And so The Casual Spectator was born.

I was in two minds about whether to put my photo up on “The Casual Spectator”, as I always like to see the person behind the blog. But it occurred to me that when I actually do observe things in everyday life, I am anonymous. I am that person walking by or driving by or sitting in a cafe. And I guess if I am doing my job properly you will get to know me fairly well anyway, based upon my observations of the world and everything in it. So at this stage I will remain a cartoon character.

So where do I live? Melbourne, Australia. But I lived in another country for nine years full-time, then a further two years part-time, so I am still finding my feet in Melbourne because I have been gone for so long.  It is weird when you return to your home country after being out for many years. You notice everything, warts and all. It’s like walking into your home after being away for a while and seeing all of the things that you would change about it, but then a short time later you forget about that, and just fall back into it. The worst thing about returning home after all of these years is that people marry, move, have kids, and generally keep going on with their life, so you then find yourself re-slotting back in, but the fit isn’t always quite right. Not to mention that I am not the same person who left Melbourne eleven years ago either. So I have all of these great memories of hanging out with my friends but somewhere in the middle I skipped the step of being there for their milestones, and they for mine, and now we are all in our own lives, and living at different paces. Also, in those nine plus years I have been very much married, and now I’m not. That’s okay too. I like the idea of having some open space back in my life to see what happens next. Not having a plan right now is a good plan.

And now back to my blog. Let’s be honest, blogs are all about feedback. If I’m putting some thoughts out there, then naturally I like to get some sort of response. I know, I know. I sound really needy. But ‘crickets’ is the worst sound a writer can hear. So, if you like what you read, feel free to comment. If you don’t like what you read, feel free to comment, but please be polite. Having an opinion, any opinion, is better than none at all, but if you’re rude about it, well, it kind of takes away from your message. And so I will leave you with this thought. If you were a flavour of ice-cream, what would it be? And that, my friends, is why “The Casual Spectator” exists. Life is not vanilla. For some, vanilla may be what you see yourself as, but through my eyes, your flavour will always be changing depending on the day, the circumstance or the mood that you’re in. And that’s where my fun begins…

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If you’re like me, reading other people’s blogs is a bit of a pastime of mine, and finding good blogs is harder than you might think. These are a few that I read regularly:

  • The Grub Street Diet ~ Follow the life of someone (famous in their given field), and see what and where they eat. Mostly set in New York.
  • Passive Aggressive Notes ~ When people are unimpressed with something or someone, instead of sleeping on it, they express themselves instantly in the form of a written note, with often very humorous results.
  • Lainey Gossip ~ Smut. Hollywood Gossip. Brainless, but everyone needs a bit of smut in their lives.
  • Blind Gossip ~ Smut. They give you some clues. You guess which famous person has been naughty.
  • Ricky Gervais ~ The man behind the actor. Very interesting. Talented writer. Not what I expected him to be like as a person. Keeps me coming back.
  • Wait But Why ~ I stumbled upon this blog when Tim Urban was featured on The Grub Street Diet. Informative. Quirky. Humorous. Angst ridden procrastinator. Chunky articles to get your teeth into.
  • Dear Coquette ~ I waver between liking this blog and finding the writer a bit smug. She’s the know-all in the room, who is louder and more obnoxious than anyone else, but sometimes she is spot on with her observations. The blog is a bit of an agony aunt type read so it is often a read-skim scenario for me.