the tedious: the ultimate car accessory

There are two brands of vehicles which I find consistently annoying on the road. These two brands of vehicles seem to attract the same sorts of drivers. They stick to the fast lane but choose to go slow, they have no merging skills, and they believe in placing at least a 10km per hour buffer on any speed limit on the road, until they come to a reduced roadwork speed limit area, at which time they will maintain their speed and not slow down. At least they are consistent. Acceleration is also a problem. The accelerator pedal is clearly quite heavy because take-off is a slow roll. So imagine my bemusement when I saw one of these vehicles yesterday with an added feature that was not a standard fitting. The driver had accessorised his vehicle with a wooden steering wheel. This is a very modern vehicle so we’re not talking 1970’s wood panelling here, yet this driver felt that the wooden steering wheel was the ultimate add-on. A bit like a wooden toilet seat. And just like the wooden toilet seat, it makes you question-why? Why do I need a wooden steering wheel in a ubiquitous car? Remember when sheepskin steering wheel covers were all the craze? Again, why? Maybe wooden steering wheels are making a comeback. And annoyingly, the wooden steering wheel did not benefit his driving.  He was your stereotypically annoying driver of one of the aforementioned brands. I gave him a wide berth with an eye-roll for good measure.