the good: invasion not imminent due to stunted growth

I found myself at a roller rink recently. I was just observing. It’s been years since I skated. When I was young I used to roller skate. Saturday morning. The roller disco. The song, Stars on 45. Pinball machines and Galaga. Ah, the memories. Funny thing is that all these years later it still hasn’t lost its attractiveness to people. Who knew that it was still so popular with little people and big people alike? But as I watched, it occurred to me that any aliens watching the humans skating ’round and ’round for two hours would likely think that we were a pushover for invasion. Because when you think about it, skating around a rink seems rather pointless really. It then got me thinking about all the other things that humans do, that if observed by aliens, would have them scratching their heads, or their big furry eyeball. Like football, any version of it, or tennis. Or golf. Us humans, we love to hit and throw balls around to entertain ourselves. And this is all very well if it is just us on this planet, but occasionally you should sit back and imagine that you are being observed by aliens. What would an alien think if they saw you holding a tennis racket and hitting a green ball back and forth repetitively? If I was an alien I would think, what a pointless exercise that is. And then I would elbow my fellow aliens and we would all have a good laugh at the strange beings who do things over and over with no real outcome other than the fact that you got the ball in a certain place or in a certain hole. And I would come to the conclusion that we were a bit stunted and boring and so would either invade or head off to a more interesting planet. Which is why we probably haven’t been invaded yet. There’s no fun in it if there’s no challenge.