the bad: unwashed bodies and nose pegs

I need to talk about something that I seem to be striking more and more when I’m out and about. I was standing in line to pay for something and was behind a young man.  This man had clearly just rolled out of bed and thrown on whatever clothes were lying on the floor next to his bed before heading out to the shops. He smelt unwashed and he looked unwashed. There is a particular unwashed morning smell that is very offensive and he had it. It is a smell that clings to the human body and makes you recoil from that individual because it is, I think, a combination of smells. I picture crusty bedsheets that haven’t been changed for weeks. Infrequent body washing that is the norm. And a partner who does the same so they both smell the same and are thus unaware of how offensive they are in their unwashed-ness. If I didn’t have to find myself in close proximity to these individuals then I would not care, but we all have to co-exist one way or another on this earth, so a bit of hygiene is not too much to ask, I think. I shouldn’t have to carry a peg around to stop myself from dry retching when I am waiting to pay for something. And frankly I really don’t want your particular smell to cause me to visualise where and how you cohabit. I have way too much of an active imagination for it to be healthy for my mental wellbeing.