the baffling: the human light bulb

I was out a couple of days ago and happened to be in the same vicinity as a human being who gave me an internal chuckle. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. It is not the first time that I have been around this human. This human has a way of standing very still. He wears no expression on his face, nor does he participate in conversations that are going on all around him, even if he knows the people well, which in this case he did. There is none of that loitering that you do when you are among people as you ease yourself into a group or look to initiate a conversation. There is just nothing. It is like he has his own personal force field around him. But then if you go ahead and ask him a question it is like switching a light on. He comes alive, answers your question in an animated fashion, and then once he is done, he returns to his inanimate state. It is quite extraordinary. Like the light goes on. Then the light goes off. I played with the switch a few times to see whether I was imagining things, but no. That is just him. It is a bit unnerving.