the baffling: dirty feet

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not into feet. All other body parts I am down with but feet, not so much. I am not a person who is into reciprocal feet massages, and toe-sucking is entirely out of the question. A little strange? Maybe, but we all have our idiosyncrasies and this is one of mine. So with that in mind I was watching a movie last night and I noticed something that really bothers me. And it happens quite often in movies. Filthy feet. Yes. Feet where the soles are dirty. What I mean by that is that the actors will have their faces made up, hair and clothes with the perfect amount of dishevelment, or they’ll be freshly out of the shower and in their nightwear ready for bed, but when they climb onto the bed the soles of their feet will be filthy. Or they will be sitting on the couch and will put their bare feet onto the coffee table and the soles of their feet will be unclean. It really bothers me. Last night I watched a movie and it happened again. The actor had (apparently) just got out of the shower and then climbed onto the bed in her nightwear. And then I got a nice clear view of her feet and her soles were very unwashed. How can the director not notice this? Or is it just me that notices? Maybe. But surely not. Given the amount of work that goes into setting up a scene you would think that anything on display would get plenty of attention, but apparently not. And what about when they’re cutting the movie? Doesn’t anyone notice at this stage? Or is it that people actually do go to bed with dirty feet and I am the odd person out in this scenario? I am beginning to wonder.