the bad: venting machines

No, that’s not a typo. I need to talk about vending machines, in particular one that I came across last week. I found myself at a mega-store complex with various brands including Ikea and in order to get to the stores it was required that I park beneath the building. Access to the stores was via two walkalators because you have to go up two levels to enter the mall. I use the term walkalators loosely because, health and mobility permitting, there is no reason why you can’t move your legs and do some sort of walking action on them, though this seems to be a foreign concept to many people. If it was meant to be a stand up ride they would have called it a standalator. At the very least can you at least move over and let the world pass you by? I for one do not wish to wait mindlessly on a slow moving platform staring aimlessly at the back of your heads. And to further add to my angst, you are the same people who then hurry to the next walkalator so that nobody can get past, and then stand there like dummies all over again. See, I told you. Venting. And I’m not even to the vending machines yet.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So, between floors they had a vending machine so that as you got off the first walkalator you could refresh yourself with a drink and/or a snack, before trekking onto the next walkalator – because it was such a strenuous journey from the car to the walkalator. Or, if after your long stroll around the shopping mall you needed some sustenance to prevent you from dying of thirst or hunger on your way home, you could grab some snacks and a drink. Phew! And there I was panicking that I might need to be out of the vicinity of food for my entire shopping trip. Panic over.

Am I missing the point here? I understand that vending machines are useful if you are an employee and you work where there are no food and drink options, but this vending machine was where the customers enter and exit the building, so clearly management and the vending machine operators know that there will be a demand. But why? Why do you need to snack on your way into or out of a shopping mall? I just don’t get it. Have humans morphed so much into the humans in the Wall-E movie? I am beginning to wonder. Google it if you don’t know what I mean. Snacking will be the end us all.